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ALL Final grades must


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Faculty will enter final grades using the MarywoodYou Portal.  Access the GRADING Option.  Select Fall 2018 and Final Grading to enter your grades.  Once you have entered your grades click SUBMIT.  You will have access to return and make changes until we begin to verify and lock the grades for processing at the NOON deadline on December 18.  MarywoodYou Portal information prepared by the Office of User Support and Training which explains full Portal functionality may be accessed by clicking on Tech Help which is at the bottom of every Marywood web page. Under the menu bar is a link to the document "Accessing the MarywoodYOU Portal for Faculty.”

The rosters are based on information supplied by you on Attendance Verification forms.  We would ask that you review your online rosters prior to the final grade due date and alert the Registrar’s Office to any problems regarding those lists. No students who never appeared for class (no shows) should appear on your roster if they were reported on the Attendance Verification Form.  If a student appears who you believe never attended, contact the Registrar’s Office immediately.

  1. Assign an “X”
  • IF credit for the course is withheld pending completion of course requirements. This is a temporary delay in reporting the final grade which, unlike an “I,” is initiated by the faculty member.
  1. Assign an “AD”
  • IF the student audited the course.
  1. Assign an “I”
  • IF the student has applied to you for an incomplete.  Assignment of an “I” grade requires the formal contract between faculty member and student.  Send the Incomplete form to the Registrar’s Office or forward via fax (570-961-4758) or scan and email to registrar@maryu.marywood.edu.
  1. Students who have withdrawn will not appear for grading on your roster. DO NOT ASSIGN A ‘W,’ ‘WP,’ OR ‘WF’ TO ANY STUDENT APPEARING ON YOUR GRADING FORM.  If the student appears the student has not processed a withdrawal.   If the student officially withdrew during the period when a withdrawn grade is required the “W” grade has been assigned automatically.  Faculty may alter the “W” grade to a “WP” or “WF” at their discretion but should contact the Registrar’s Office to do so. 
  1. Assign an “F*” (unless you are able to assign a passing letter grade)
  • IF the student appears on your list but discontinued attendance.
  1. Assign appropriate letter grades to all others on the list.

Please note that once final grading has been verified all grade changes must be submitted in writing with faculty signature and date.  This includes resolution of temporary grades and all grade corrections made due to error in assignment. If you experience any problems with grading or find any issues with the accuracy of your roster, please contact the Registrar’s Office/Academic Records (570-348-6280) as soon as possible. 

Please note that no extensions to the NOON deadline on DECEMBER 18 are possible.


Attendance Verification forms for Summer I 2014 are due on or before May 28, 2014 using the MarywoodYou Portal - Faculty Attendance Form.

Grades to entered by Noon on July 9, 2014 Using the MarywoodYou Portal - Grading.