Motherhouse History

The cornerstone for Mt. St. Mary’s, the original Motherhouse of the Sisters of IHM, was laid on November 3, 1900. The four-story structure, which included a wing for Marywood Seminary, also featured a beautiful chapel, space for the novitiate classrooms, dining rooms, dormitories, and housing for the faculty of both Marywood Seminary and College. The building opened on September 8, 1902. Marywood College was established there in 1915, attained University status in 1997, and continues to be a leading educational asset in the region. Marywood Seminary operated until 1971, when the Motherhouse, which had been a monument of the campus from its beginning, was entirely demolished by a tragic fire (February 22, 1971). The site was later commemorated by the Marywood Memorial Commons, a round cement amphitheater that marked the original location of the Motherhouse, in 1975.

More Information About Motherhouse Fire:

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