A Strong Endowment

"The Pacer Fund is growing just as I had anticipated and desired. The students deal with real money in the real world and, in doing so, get a great business education. I hope Marywood students who benefited from working with the Pacer Fund will one day give back to Marywood—because Marywood invested in them."

Michael Murray, Retired Executive, General Electric

As Marywood enters its second century, having achieved so much in our first hundred years, we require the kind of investments that will pay dividends—literally and figuratively— to tomorrow’s students, faculty, and society.

For example, a gift of $1 million will endow a Visiting Professorship or a Faculty Chair, creating additional opportunities for our students to learn from the best in their academic fields. Endowed faculty positions enable Marywood to attract and keep faculty who are leaders and innovators. And wherever the professor’s work appears, the name of the endowed professorship appears as well—extending the names and reputations of both Marywood University and our benefactors.

Another type of endowed gift—the endowed scholarship—allows the benefactor to honor or memorialize a loved one by establishing a fund whose interest grows to help deserving students afford a Marywood education with financial assistance from the endowment.

Why Invest in Marywood?

  • To preserve and advance the Marywood mission.
  • To extend Marywood’s impact as we continue to educate leaders for a society in need.
  • To celebrate our yesterday and shape a wonderful tomorrow.
  • To honor our founders.

These are among the many reasons to establish and build upon Marywood University’s endowment. And there is no better time than now, during A Bold Heart: The Centennial Campaign for Marywood University.

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