the Entrepreneur Launch Pad

“The Entrepreneur Launch Pad is open to all disciplines. Starting a business isn’t discipline specific. This is about passion; it’s about channeling that passion into specific training on how to start a business. We can provide the right tools and help students with that.”

Christopher J. Speicher, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship and Associate Director of Graduate and Professional Studies

The Entrepreneur Launch Pad (ELP) fosters a climate of entrepreneurship that helps students across all academic disciplines to explore commercial opportunities based on their innovative business ideas. Supportive of students whose goal is to launch their own business enterprises, the program pairs practical, down-to-earth experiences with a broad academic and theoretical background. It provides a firm grounding in the values of ethical leadership, integrity, and accountability, at which Marywood has long excelled.

The ELP moves students from knowledge in the classroom to positive change in the larger community, creating economic opportunities for Marywood students and the broader business community.

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