the Center for Communication Arts

"The Center for Communication Arts provides the space, the tools, and the inspiration for students to become versatile and ethical 21st Century communicators. Driven by the curriculum, this new department hub offers students access to state of the art facilities and media tools.”

Michael Mirabito, Ph.D., Professor of Communication Arts and Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for Technology

The Center for Communication Arts is a full-service complex that empowers students to communicate creatively and resourcefully, but also responsibly. With expanded and enhanced programmatic offerings, the Center provides valuable tools for success in traditional and emerging media fields. The Center also welcomes students from other disciplines, who work collaboratively with Communication Arts students, to incorporate new ideas and technologies in their own studies.


  • Soundstage for Video and Audio Recording
  • TV and Radio Stations
  • Animation Studio
  • Video and Audio Editing Rooms
  • Newsroom
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