The Center for Architectural Studies

In some cases, where students learn can be as important as what they learn. Where can be a modern urban center or a historic city like Florence. Or it can be a building so innovative in its design that it becomes a partner in the educational experience. Such is the case with Marywood University’s Center for Architectural Studies, which houses the University’s School of Architecture as well as a growing cadre of ambitious, creative problem solvers.

Our iconic Center for Architectural Studies, a complete and stunning transformation of Marywood’s former Health and Physical-Education Center, is a testament to Marywood’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

  • Green Roof
  • Rainwater Collection System
  • Eighty-three percent recycled or reused materials
  • Daylight-harvesting windows

Invest in an innovative concept that has already surpassed our highest expectations. When you help fulfill the needs of the School through A Bold Heart: The Centennial Campaign for Marywood University, you equip future leaders for future impact.

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