Ready. Set. Forward!

Marywood University’s Plan for a Successful and Safe Academic Year

Marywood University’s expansive, yet versatile, plan—Ready. Set. Forward!—has been updated for Spring Semester 2021, continuing our comprehensive efforts to conduct a safe and successful university experience for our students and employees. Understanding that public health circumstances are continually evolving, our plan is not static—it is built to both prepare for and adapt to these unpredictable times. While this plan provides guidelines and protocols to operate safely and to continue to be productive in the upcoming semester, the latest updates can always be found at Each PDF update will be noted/dated on the front cover.

Marywood’s HyBridge Education Model remains central to our plan. Its versatile design allows for adaptations and provides students with options and choices. As we move forward into the spring, there are some changes (see Section V. Marywood Classes/Academic Support), based on feedback from the fall semester. This blended education model still ensures the continuity of learning, even if circumstances demand a pivot to entirely remote instruction at any point in the semester.

With the dedicated collaboration of many people throughout the University, we have a thorough approach to monitor the health, safety, and well-being of our entire Marywood community, while creating a deep culture of care. It is vital that we all continue our commitment to adhering to these criteria, as well as to the guidelines set forth by governmental and public health agencies. 

The extensive protocols and options outlined in this plan serve to guide us through our intended, best-case scenario of on-campus learning, but also will adjust as needed to changing conditions. As we navigate the remainder of this academic year together, the trust, care, and patience that we continue to demonstrate to one another will sustain us. The foundation for success is there, no matter what the prevailing circumstances are.

We are ready, so let’s get set, and move forward with purpose into the second half of our academic year!


hybridge education model


  • HyBridge Education ModelA blended learning model, incorporating remote interactive and in-person personalized instruction, coupled with internships and clinical opportunities, safely delivering a high-quality education.

  • Enhanced Core - A flexible core curriculum designed to facilitate student choice and enhance their professional studies, creating a fully integrated learning experience.


  • Student SupportA full complement of reengineered academic, advising, and counseling services, coupled with athletics, social activities, service opportunities, and career counseling, enabling student success.
  • Campus Safety - A 115-acre suburban campus, located in a low-density residential neighborhood, ideal for physical distancing and small class sizes, putting safety first for our students.

Planning Framework

An extensive team of experts from across the university was established to develop this plan, based on the overall Guiding Principle of putting the health, safety, and welfare of Marywood students and employees first. Given the uncertain environment in which we are operating, this plan was written to be as flexible as possible, providing options that best meet student needs. Recognizing that the total college experience is a blend of academics, along with social activities, we strived to strike a balance between the two. We have done our best to take into account the most current direction, guidelines, and mandates from multiple outside parties, including, but not limited to, various federal, state, and local government agencies, healthcare providers, the PA Department of Education, the CDC, and the NCAA. The information contained in this plan is provided in good faith; however, we are constantly monitoring events and will make any adjustments should it become necessary.