Sr. M. Denis Donegan Award for Long Term Service to Marywood

Award Description

The Sr. M. Denis Donegan Award for Long Term Service to Marywood is the most prestigious award bestowed by the Marywood Alumni Association. It is bestowed on alumni of Marywood University who have provided a minimum of 25 years of service to Marywood and who, through their personal and professional contributions, have visibly embodied Marywood's mission by using their Marywood educations in ways that demonstrate the University's call to live responsibly in a diverse and interdependent world. The actions and contributions of each recipient shall support Marywood University's core values of a Catholic Identity, Respect for Each Person, Empowerment, Service and Commitment to Excellence.

Award Criteria

  • A graduate of Marywood University's undergraduate, graduate or doctoral programs.
  • A consistent history of providing volunteer hours to Marywood in support of its institutional advancement, education, alumni or community engagement programs.
  • Through the various volunteer and financial components, has supported the Marywood University mission for at least 25 years or more.
  • Has lived the core values of Marywood in his or her daily life through visible demonstration of one or more of the Core Values:
    • Catholic Identity: Has displayed a visible commitment to spiritual, ethical, and intellectual values in the context of a faith community.
    • Respect for Each Person: Has visibly displayed in word and deed, a respect for the value of each human being, for diversity in the context of vibrant community and for the earth and all creation.
    • Empowerment: Has displayed tangible support for education that enables access and empowers the underserved to take a full role in the life of the broader society.
    • Service: Has tangibly demonstrated a communal leadership by serving others in the local, national and/or global community.
    • Commitment to Excellence: Has visibly displayed his or her commitment to excellence through their personal and/or professional contribution to society.

The Marywood Alumni Association may bestow the Sr. M. Denis Donegan Award for Long Term Service to Marywood on up to one alumni per year providing that evidence exists to support that the alumni meets all of the stated award criteria. The Association may choose not to bestow this prestigious award in any given year if a qualified member of the alumni cannot be found.

Nomination Review

Award recipients will be chosen by members of the Marywood Alumni Association Board and the Office of Alumni Engagement.


Nominations for the Awards will be accepted from any alumni of Marywood University, the student body, faculty and staff, and from friends of the University. Self-nominations are welcome. Names of nominators will not be published. To nominate someone, please complete the Alumni Award Nomination form.