Marywood Admissions Staff

Brandon Morley

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
Phone: 570-348-6234 ext 2326

About me: I am originally from Milford, Pennsylvania. Before moving with my family to Pennsylvania in 2007, I grew up on Long Island, New York. I recently graduated Marywood University with my Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Secondary Education. While a student here, I was actively involved all over campus, most notably as the Student Government President and an Admissions Ambassador. I joined the Admissions team in August 2019 and cannot wait to help students navigate the college search process.

My interests: I am a huge history buff! In my free time I love to visit historical sites, museums, and really anywhere that has an interesting story to tell. Watching documentaries on Netflix counts too! When not in the office, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whether it is going on an adventure or just relaxing at home.

My favorite thing about Marywood: My favorite thing about Marywood has been, and always will be, the community. There is something about the people and environment at Marywood that just embrace you and make you truly feel at home. As a student, I was known to say that “this is a place where people smile and wave, they say hello, and they hold doors.” These may be small gestures that mean nothing but they do not happen everywhere. At Marywood, you matter. You are a person, not a number. You will feel this from the moment you come on campus. I did and it made it very hard to leave… so I didn’t!

My favorite place at Marywood: Hard question! How do you pick one? I feel like it is a classic pick but ever since I stepped onto campus for a tour, I have been in awe of the Rotunda. It is simply breathtaking and beautiful. The fact that Marywood has something so grand and exquisite on its campus has always made it seem like a special place to me (especially around Christmas time). If you haven’t visited yet, you have to get here just to see that!

You’d never guess: I am left handed, I am the first in my family to graduate from college, my favorite person to learn about is John F. Kennedy, I will always choose Dunkin over Starbucks, and my favorite item off of my bucket list is that I want to do my own TED Talk at some point in my life.

Best advice: For those of you searching for the right fit, LOOK AT EVERYTHING! You’ll never know what you like and don’t like until you see it! You might just fall in love with the most unexpected choice. So, if mom or dad pester you to look at just one more school, humor them and do it! You might thank them later (that’s how I found Marywood). For those of you who are here, get involved and truly embrace the smallest parts of your college experience. There will be big things that you will always remember but once your four years come to an end there will be small moments you wish you could remember. Take advantage of every opportunity. Four years seems like forever, I get it. However, every second counts. All of a sudden you blink and it is over… so do not blink!

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